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Redcab02 1 day ago

Veggie Stirfry++

My recent retirement dinner was held at Bricco's in Kent. Due to the number of people that attended, we chose a limited menu with a variety to cover everyone's taste and everyone was very satisfied with their choices. I had the the veggie stir fry with added shrimp and the bourbon soy sauce. The sweet potato orzo used in the dish was excellent! The shrimp was grilled to perfection and the right amount of sauce was added. I had the best ever cocktail I ever tasted, it was called a Hot Mamacitas. It tasted like a perfect margarita with a hint of Tabasco at the end of each swallow. I loved my dinner so much I chose to go back for my birthday, a week later, to have the veggie stir fry with salmon this time. Salmon was cooked perfect! If you are looking for a great place for a party, Bricco is the place to go. They are very accommodating with fast, efficient, pleasant staff that take good care of everyone. I've had other menu items and have never been disappointed. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

Mariatclark 4 days ago

Pink Elephant

This drink was so good! It didn't taste too strong but I could feel there was alcohol in it. A bit pricey but it was a large drink so worth the cost. Definitely will try again. If you like fruity drinks/pink lemonade, I'd recommend.

Bmorgart2000 7 days ago


We stopped in for lunch and we all enjoyed our meals. The Southwest salad (half size) with grilled chicken was honestly the best salad I have eaten. The flavor was delicious and it was very filling! The staff was also very friendly!

Hellomissemily2013 9 days ago

Spinach Rotini

I really appreciate how many vegetarian and gluten free options this place had! I loved the spinach rotini. The portion was generous and the flavor was awesome. The service here was also great. I highly recommend it.

Walko.Missy 18 days ago

Lemon Drop

I'm not usually a fan of lemon, but this is my default and fav!

Galankopl 23 days ago


The duck! Exotic, gourmet, delicious. Goes perfectly with the pancetta, it's like fancy bacon with tender, juicy, perfectly cooked duck. Basically a vacation for my mouth.

Ww36 24 days ago

Fettuccine Alfredo

Very delicious entree. Alfredo sauce is amazing.

Ldiskinbc 2 months ago

Butternut Squash Tortellini

I loved this dish so much that I went back the next day and had it again for lunch! I cannot rave about it enough !!

Ral104 3 days ago

Ahi Tuna

Service and atmosphere we're outstanding! Totally going back!

Terrieg1973 5 days ago

Chicken Parmesan

This dish was awesome! Very tasty and large portion as well as great sauce! I would order again! Great service too

Snj818 8 days ago


Seafood is my favorite type of cuisine when dining out. It's sad that so many restaurants all prepare their fish dishes the same way with the same flavor combinations. However, Bricco finally does something different with their salmon and delicious isn't a good enough word. I could eat the pistachio pesto used to create a crust on the fish with a spoon. Pistachio pesto?! Whoever created this amazing flavor combination deserves a medal. All the medals. Every single one. The side dishes of creamy grits and perfectly cooked asparagus just complete this crave-worthy meal. Everything pairs perfectly: I could eat this dish every day. If you love seafood and salmon, RUN to Akron to try it: you won't be disappointed. In fact, I'll be there soon to fulfill my pistachio pesto-crusted salmon craving :)

Bpatouha 13 days ago

Blackened Chicken & Polenta

Always a fan of blackened chicken but this was probably one of the best I have had. The polenta was a perfect consistency and had just enough flavor to not overpower the chicken. By far my favorite dish I have had at Bricco.

Meghanjordan2017 22 days ago


I love the wedge salad with the white french dressing! I honestly get it each time I come and often get it to go!

Ryannehaditsch 23 days ago

Risotto Balls

The risotto balls at Bricco are the most delicious and amazing thing on any menu anywhere. They are so soft and gooey on the inside and crunchy on the outside with so much flavor and they just make my mouth water thinking about them. These are one of my favorite things on earth and if you have not had them before you will thank me later. I'm serious, they are amazing.

Lmyers28 about 1 month ago

Cajun Chicken

Delicious! Just the right amount of heat.