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Jpollac4 1 day ago

Shrimp Alfredo

This dish was delicious! Creamy, savory, loved everything about it!

Amorrison2440 20 days ago


I have been coming to Bricco for years throughout school and we are coming back this weekend to enjoy Bricco!!! Love it here

Jaime.Cathey 21 days ago


Best cheeseburger in Kent, hands down!! 10 out of 10 would recommend!!

Kierstin.317 27 days ago


Favorite restaurant in all of Ohio!

Bdilullo 30 days ago


I order the half wedge every time I eat here. Love the dressing and toppings! Add chicken and you have a meal.

Kana929 about 1 month ago

Goat Cheese

Can't get enough of it!

Daniel about 1 month ago

Tomato Basil

Love this pizza...

Rpahls about 2 months ago

Chicken Salad Of The Day

Nice atmosphere awesome service and delicious food⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Slawhorn82 about 2 months ago

Cajun Chicken

As always, the food is fantastic. The dishes are so well constructed that they will please picky eaters and foodies alike. Always a safe bet for a perfect experience.

Jpillar3 2 months ago

Butternut Squash Tortellini

one of my favorite dishes and favorite place to eat downtown!

Leigha.Marie09 2 months ago

Grilled Chicken Wrap

Got this on my lunch break and really enjoyed it! Must try!

Rebeccamcnulty31 3 months ago

Loaded Burger

This was delicious cooked right, and filling!

Bigavesr5 3 months ago

Chicken Or Eggplant Parmesan

Excellent food and even better service.

Maophd 3 months ago

Pork Chop

I shared the Pork Chop with a family member. It was really excellent!

Maophd 3 months ago

Risotto Balls

We had the Risotto Balls appetizer served family style for a large group and they were amazing! I can't wait to have them again.

Atacandybar 3 months ago


This is my very favorite martini of all time. It's always perfect and makes me happy whenever I get it. Pair this with one of the bar menu offerings and you have a perfect weeknight out!

Lucy06joy 3 months ago


Bricco (Akron) serves the absolute best martinis! They are all highly recommended! The California is my favorite! I come here multiple times a year just to get the California and they are so good my max is 2!!

Kristina 3 months ago

Duck Breast

We had dinner before a show at the Akron Civic Theater on June 13, 2019. This was our first visit and I was very impressed. I love duck and it is hard to find on a menu and hard to find done perfectly. The chef hit a home-run on this one. The duck was perfectly medium-medium rare with the crunchy skin. The duck was succulent and perfectly seasoned. I was so excited that I forgot to get a picture. It really was a spectacular dinner.

Laura 3 months ago


STRONG and delish!!! I get it almost every time I'm there!

Jmcardle 18 days ago


Always one of my favorites!

Jaime.Cathey 21 days ago

Macaroni & Cheese

Best restaurant in kent, hands down! We love this place so much we are having our wedding rehearsal dinner here in October. Couldn't think of a better place to celebrate!!

Jaime.Cathey 21 days ago

Goat Cheese

This location is by far my favorite location of Bricco! The atmosphere is great and fun, and the food is always on point! I know this sounds crazy, but the goat cheese and pita is just better at this location! I can't explain it! We love this place so much we are having our wedding rehearsal dinner here in October! Couldn't think of a better place to celebrate.

Valoreev 29 days ago

Five Cheese

Their five cheese pizza is to die for! I have turned some many colleagues onto this dish. I have a garlic allergy, so I ask for just olive oil instead. This pizza is amazing, tastes like authentic European thin crust heaven!

Jessrrist about 1 month ago


The beet salad with blackened chicken is my absolute favorite meal at any restaurant. Well prepared, fresh, and plentiful!

Daniel about 1 month ago

Mushroom Truffle Ravioli

My wife had this and loved it...

Holmberg Valerie about 1 month ago


This was simply delicious. 2 of my friends also ordered it and we could not stop talking about it! The grits were amazing, salmon cooked perfectly.

F150woods about 2 months ago


The food is consistently good here! We feel confident bringing family and friends knowing that the food will be amazing and that the service will be excellent. I had my bridal shower here and the staff was wonderful- super attentive without being in the way. Everyone loved their food. Try the risotto balls, potato croquettes, and any bourbon drink!

Angel about 2 months ago


I love the calamari, it was seasoned perfectly and the sauce that came with it was a perfect flavor balance. I usually get the calamari, Caesar salad and a cocktail. The Caesar salad is one of my go too dishes also. The dressing is delicious and is proportioned also.

Cdfarley32 2 months ago


I love this salad!! I add on the steak and it is delicious with the lemon vinaigrette.

Emily.J.Ramos80 3 months ago

Calamari Salad

This salad has the best of many "worlds" the traditional salad elements are excellent but paired with crispy calamari takes it to the next level. The flavors work so well together and it's never over dressed. Great value for the price!!

Kpark1983 3 months ago

Cajun Chicken

Loved it! I like spicy food and most restaurant items that are listed as spicy never have enough kick. Well this dish has just the right amount!

Maophd 3 months ago

Bourbon Soy Salmon

My husband ordered the bourbon soy salmon and I tasted it. It was really delicious!

Maophd 3 months ago


We had the Veggie Pizza as an appetizer served family style for a large group and everyone loved it! So delicious!

Maophd 3 months ago

Chicken Or Eggplant Parmesan

The chicken parmesan was outstanding. In fact, I'm planning to return tonight in order to have it again! Delicious!

Molliekwells 3 months ago

Ahi Tuna

The tuna was amazing! Perfect combination of sweet and savory! Plus the atmosphere is so relaxing. They have a wonderful and diverse selection of alcohol also! Definitely recommend!

Msamson 3 months ago

Baked Penne

I selected the Baked Penne for my meal. The noodles were cooked just right and the sauce was seasoned well and not overly salty. It was worth the time to get through the construction just to sit down and enjoy a great meal that was satisfying. The wait staff was very knowledgeable an friendly. I will eat here again.

Laura 3 months ago

Black Truffle Buffalo

Sooooo tasty and had plenty to take home as leftovers for later :)

Parismylan1990 3 months ago


I had the calamari salad for the first time! I ordered it to go and everything was packaged neatly. The dressing was somewhat spicy but it was delicious! They give a generous amount of calamari. The salad could easily feed 2 people and for only 10 bucks ! I love bricco the employees are always nice and professional and the food speaks for itself!


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